A Best of Bandcamp Jazz “These are videos that I like” edition


Today’s featured videos have a Best of Bandcamp Jazz theme.  The musicians you’ll see in today’s column all had an album recommended in my most recent column on The Bandcamp Daily (go read it).

The first video is courtesy of trombonist Tony Cattano , who recently released a new album, Naca.  This video has him with his Ottett0, from a March 2015 performance at Teatro Sant’Andrea in Pisa.

The next video up is an album preview for The Parade, the new recording from Yonathan Avishai Modern Times.  It’s another nifty new release on the Jazz & People label.

And next up is a fun animated promo from saxophonist Ayumi Ishito and her debut album View from a Little Cave.  This tune, which appears on the album, is titled “Lack of Elegance.”

And last up is a video from the Tom Csatari band Uncivilized.  I’ve been rather intrigued by several of the works from Csatari.  Not sure this particular video sufficiently encapsulates the intoxicating mix of influences that go into much of his work, and the captivating melodicism that often results from it.  But here’s your video anyway.  It’s the song “Stupid Gurus” from the Melted Candy EP.  FYI, the album version of the song features Jib Kidder, which is a topic for another discussion.

And remember, you can check out the latest batch of recommendations, and every other column I’ve written for my Bandcamp gig, over at The Bandcamp Daily.