Album of the Day: Echo Chamber – “Antinodal”


Artist:  Echo Chamber

Album:  Antinodal

Label:  Aut Records

Style:  Cybernetic jazz

Favorite Track: “Passo Navene”

Music from:  Berlin, Germany

What I like about it:  I like how the electronic elements hang in the air, like a fog slowly encircling the trio, and I like how the sharp definition of organic instruments like drums and saxophone stand out against that hazy backdrop.  I like how the ebb and flow conflict of electronic and organic instruments strings out the melodies and gives them a sense of not entirely being of one mind or inspiration, and I like how this seeming elasticity bleeds into the locomotive qualities of the tempo.  I also really like how the melodies, when they do stamp their imprint upon a piece, have a sing song demeanor, a lightness that contrasts nicely with the prevailing moodiness.

Your album personnel:  Davide Lorenzon (tenor sax), Michele Pedrazzi (synth, electronics) and Chris Hill (drums).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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