Album of the Day: “Ithaca” by Xavi Molero & Guillem Callejón


Artist:  Xavi Molero & Guillem Callejón

Album:  Ithaca

Label:  Tres Ceps

Style:  Free floating jazz

Favorite Track: “Houston, TX”

Music from:  Barcelona, Spain

What I like about it:  That the melody is expressed as if it were a rolling fog, changing directions without warning, and possessing no clear lines of demarcation of where it begins and ends… and yet there is a clear and defining presence to this music, framed by the rustle of percussion and a rhythmic point of view that balances succinct dialog and its limitless forms of communication.  I like how moody and edgy this music gets, but that this doesn’t prevent the duo of guitarist Guillem Callejón and drummer Xavi Molero from creating an atmosphere that borders on soothing.

Your album personnel:  Xavi Molero (drums) and Guillem Callejón (guitar).

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