Album of the Day: Jacob Duncan Quintet – “It’s Alright To Dream”


Artist:  Jacob Duncan Quintet

Album:  It’s Alright To Dream

Label:  Self-Produced

Style:  Straight-ahead

Favorite Track: “Nached Up”

Music from:  Louisville, KY

What I like about it:  Some albums sound like musicians simply getting together for a casual session, and somebody decided to hit a record button just for the hell of it.  Those kinds of recordings possess an enveloping intimacy, where the familiarity of the musicians with one another and the sense of camaraderie and kinship bleeds through every note.  It’s like getting a behind-the-scenes listen to music being created just because it’s what the artists are compelled to do.  I like how this session from Jacob Duncan, and featuring JD Allen, as well as some Louisville, KY natives plays out in exactly that way.  The quintet bounces some solid melodies back and forth and open up wide lanes for soloists to pass through.

Your album personnel:  Jacob Duncan (alto sax), JD Allen (tenor sax), John Goldsby (bass), Gabriel Evens (piano) and Mike Hyman (drums).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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