Album of the Day: Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm – “Bonegasm”


Artist:  Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm

Album:  Bonegasm

Label:  Sunnyside Records

Favorite track: “Low Ball”

Style:  New old-school

Music from:  New York City

What I like about it:  Maybe I’m just anxious for the cabin fever gloom and cold of winter to end or maybe it’s that Jennifer Wharton has synthesized down a day’s worth of glorious spring weather into sonic form.  I like how free and light this music is, and, yet, much in the same way that sunlight can express a heady presence, all that lightness to the trombonist’s debut possesses a certain gravity, like a serious expression of idle fun.  Three other trombonist’s fill out slots in Wharton’s septet, and I like how she makes full use of the harmonic possibilities without it suppressing the rhythmic dialog.

Your album personnel:  Jennifer Wharton (bass trombone, vocal), John Fedchock (trombone), Nate Mayland (trombone), Alan Ferber (trombone), Michael Eckroth (piano), Evan Gregor (bass), Don Peretz (drums) and guest: Mauricio Herrera (percussion).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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