Album of the Day: Miguel Zenón – “Yo Soy La Tradición”


Artist:  Miguel Zenón featuring Spektral Quartet

Album:  Yo Soy La Tradición

Label:  Miel Music

Style:  Chamber

Favorite Track: “Viejo”

Music from:  New York City & Chicago

What I like about it:  I love how this album dances.  I love how the music flutters and soars, and how it also exudes a weighty presence, giving the impression of the mighty flapping of wings.  I like how Miguel Zenón weaves lovely patterns into the surface of Spektral Quartet’s string harmonies, and I love how the two elements seem as separate entities even when they enter a state of perfect unison.  Throughout his career, the alto saxophonist has focused on his native Puerto Rico; its roots in Jazz, its folk music and folkloric traditions, of what it means to be Puerto Rican in the context of the island and as an immigrant in New York City, and so many of the facets that will never fully comprise some elusively defined whole… all the while searching for his own personal creative voice on alto saxophone.  That his trajectory is one that sees him still achieving new, original plateaus of his chosen form of expression is something I very much like, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to see that trajectory continue to unfold.

Your album personnel:  Miguel Zenón (alto sax), Clara Lyn (violin), Maeve Feineberg (violin), Doyle Armbrust (viola) and Russell Rolan (cello).

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