Album of the Day: Romain Collin – “Tiny Lights”


Artist:  Romain Collin

Album:  Tiny Lights

Label:  XM Records

Style:  Electro-acoustic

Favorite Track:  “Overflow”

Music from:  New York City

What I like about it:  This is something completely new from Romain Collin, but the change is not terribly shocking.  The pianist has previously displayed a proclivity for diving deep into a melody, and focusing not just on the depth of its waters, but also the way flickers of sunlight were captured on its rippled surface.  I like how Tiny Lights simply sees that approach to its logical conclusion, and how the dramatic surges of melodic intent are less about an evolving sound and more about Collin wanting to reflect changes through the shapes of the initial splash upon contact.  I like how the pianist amps up the use of electronic effects on some pieces, where before he might have gone more with restraint.  I also like the addition of strings and electric guitar and the huge waves they elicit, but I also like the small touches, like the gentle, tuneful whistle on tracks “Los Angeles” and “Reprise.”  Perhaps most of all, I love the experience of being there as a musician explores new and existing paths over the course of their life, and how those manifest in the thrilling landmarks of new recordings.

Your album personnel:  Romain Collin (piano, moog Taurus, vocal effects), Matthew Stevens (electric guitar), Obed Calvaire (acoustic and electronic drums, kazuma jinnouchi string arrangements) and guests: City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Available at:  Amazon

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