Anne Paceo live at the Festival l’Émoi du Jazz


Today’s featured video is from drummer Anne Paceo performing live at Festival l’Émoi du Jazz 2010 au Music’All.

If you’ll remember, Paceo released one of 2012’s best recordings, Yokai, which, actually, wasn’t included in my Best of 2012 list.  I had given it a listen once when it was released, even making it one of my eMusic Jazz Picks, but it wasn’t until 2013 when I really sat down with the album and realized how truly amazing the album is that I wrote something up for it.  In retrospect, had I been more on top of this recording when it first came out, there’s no doubt it would have been included in the top half of my Top 30 Best of 2012 list.

Your video personnel:  Anne Paceo (drums), Leonardo Montana (keyboard), and Joan Eche-Puig (bass).


Have a great Sunday!