Bandcamp: The Best of 2016 (so far)


Bandcamp Best of 2016 so farMy first contribution to the Bandcamp site just went up today.  The column was a mid(ish)-year The Best Albums of 2016 So Far.

I contributed synopses for Daniel Freedman‘s Imagine That, Brandee Younger‘s Wax & Wane, and Aruan Ortiz‘s Hidden Voices.

You can read the column by following this LINK.

And when you’re done, you can read more about each of those albums here on this site…

Daniel Freedman – "Imagine That"Daniel Freedman – Imagine That

Read more (LINK).

Brandee Younger - "Wax and Wane"Brandee Younger – Wax & Wane

Read more (LINK).

Aruan Ortiz - Hidden VoicesAruan Ortiz Trio – Hidden Voices

Read more (LINK).

And as I announced previously, I’m now a regular contributor at Bandcamp, so there’s gonna be plenty more from me on their site.  Better get used to hopping on over there to read & listen from time to time.