Benefit Show for Frank Rosaly


Frank RosalyLast week, Chicago drummer Frank Rosaly had all of his equipment stolen, including the car that it was stored in.

I saw Frank’s Tres Hongos trio a couple weeks ago in Lexington, KY, and was about to make a post about it on Notes From The Holler when I read of his misfortune.

Chicago musicians and fans are pulling together for an impromptu benefit show tomorrow, Friday August 3rd (8:30 cst), at the Experimental Sound Studio on the 5900 block of North Ravenswood.  Frank will be performing with a bunch of top tier musicians, including:

Jim Baker, Josh Berman, Matthew Hale Clark, James Falzone, Jeff Kimmel, Jason Stein, Ken Vandermark, and Mars Williams.

Beer and wine will be served.  Whatever you can give to help Frank out will be appreciated.  100% of the proceeds from the show will go directly to Frank.

Here’s a link to Experimental Sound Studio’s Facebook page, where you can more details and directions.

And here’s a link to ESS’s website, which has much of the same information, but also has a place that will allow you to donate money to the cause even if you’re not able to attend.