Recommended: Bernhard Meyer, Claudio Puntin & Julius Heise – “Patch of Light”


Bernhard Meyer, Claudio Puntin, Julius Heise - "Patch of Light"An absorbing session from the trio of bassist Bernhard Meyer, clarinetist Claudio Puntin and vibraphonist Julius HeisePatch of Light is an album that stays on the quiet side of town, even when the motion grows volatile… which happens quiet a bit, actually.  The hyperactive ascents and falls of “Cryptic” is simply a different type of relentlessness than the cheery, tuneful “Happy Tree.”  “Glow” plows straight ahead, quick on its feet, light on it toes.

But then there are sublime tunes like “Esper Flower,” which swims in the deep end of the melody.  “Beam” marries itself to a pretty melody and crafts a pretty song around it.  “Rostrot” barely rises above a whisper.

And, of course, there are a few tunes that straddle the divide between those two categories.  A switch to marimba on “Apparent Motion” gives the song an earthy tone, contrasting with those that take to the air.  “Apparent Motion” also goes nuts, following an alluring confluence of tempos between a slowly drifting clarinet juxtaposed against an up-tempo marimba.  There’s also the moody “Saturnine,” with its ethereal presence shattered by the undercurrent of tension breaking through to the surface.  “Falls & Fears,” the album’s pièce de résistance, is a gripping cascade of tones and tempos, evoking a strong emotional pull regardless of whether it’s a frantic rhythmic charge or a susurrant hush of harmonies.

One of those recordings that pulls you into its world and doesn’t let go.

Your album personnel:  Bernhard Meyer (bass), Claudio Puntin (clarinet, bass clarinet), and Julius Heise (vibes, marimba, percussion).

Released on JazzHausMusik.

Jazz from the Berlin scene.

Available at:  eMusic | Amazon MP3