Best of 2016 #5: Jonathan Finlayson & Sicilian Defense – “Moving Still” (Pi Recordings)


There’s a fascinating interplay between the motion of the individual parts of Moving Still and how they each relate to the overall flow of the recording.  The pieces that comprise trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson‘s 2016 release rarely move in anything resembling a straight line, but the music’s perpetual forward momentum often gives that impression.  Sometimes it’s because furtive rhythmic action creates an image blur that behaves as the rough approximation of lateral movement, and sometimes it’s a melodic abstraction that results in the sensation of cyclical patterns growing ever more concentrated.  And then there’s the contextual bookends of the contemplative nature of “Between Moves” and the sudden sharp melodic focus of “Space And.”  It all contributes to a series of captivating moments that seem to go on forever and then end too soon.  Joining Finlayson is an all-star cast of pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist John Hébert, drummer Craig Weinrib and guitarist Miles Okazaki.

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Jazz from NYC.

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