Best of 2017 #15: Michel Portal & Quatuor Ebene – “Eternal Stories” (Erato Records)


On Eternal Stories, bassist Michel Portal is joined by drummer Richard Héry, keyboardist Xavier Tribolet and the string quartet Quatuor Ébène.  Their method of blending jazz and classical is one of the more amazing examples of third stream music that I’ve encountered in some time.  The kaleidoscopic array of expressions is endless, tiny permutations that resonate like mad, both individually and through sheer accumulation.  They also add in some tango, some electro-groove, sometimes go heavier with the modern jazz and sometimes go strong with the classical and sometimes it all gets broken down into an eerie dissonance that no genre can lay claim to.  The effect is often quite stunning, and it just reaffirms some of the reasons why Michel Portal is a big site-favorite.  Simply outstanding.

Music from Paris, France.

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