Best of 2017 #29: Trio Blastonal – “It Is What It Is!” (Self-Produced)


The joyful enthusiasm of It Is What It Is is positively addictive.  It carries through strong, no matter if the expression is something traditional, something modern, or something completely unidentifiable.  Trio Blastonal is comprised of trombone, bass trombone and saxophone, so it’s no surprise that thick harmonies rule the day when a concise melody gets served up.  The addition of a guitarist and drummer for this session adds some essential definition to those textures at both ends of the spectrum.  Additionally, the electronic effects that bleed into things during the “Untold Time” suite add even more personality to music that has tons of it to begin with.  Just a seriously fun and fascinating album, and doing something a little bit different.

Music from Korb, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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