Best of 2017 #46: Binker & Moses – “Journey to the Mountain of Forever” (Gearbox Records)


The duo of tenor saxophonist Binker Golding and drummer Moses Boyd come out strong on their 2017 release Journey To The Mountain Of Forever, and then jack up the voltage even higher to finish things off.  The two-disc recording begins with just the two.  They settle upon a melodic path and then go kick up some dust exploring it.  The second disc sees things expanded into an ensemble affair, and what began as a solid post-bop date transforms into something freer, wilder, and bordering on spiritual.  That said, even with the addition of unconventional instruments like harp and tabla, this is still relatively straight-ahead music, and the reason to sit down and give it a listen is the same one might provide to pull out a classic Art Blakey recording with Wayne Shorter leading the Jazz Messengers… raw lyricism and focused intensity equals unparalleled fun.

Music from London, UK.

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