Best of 2018 #17: Trio HLK – “Standard Time”


There’s so many ways to utilize the music of the past as the source of inspiration for the music of today.  Trio HLK (along with guests Evelyn Glennie and Steve Lehman) present a before-and-after comparative of deconstructed standards, where the original work serves as the seed for a massive transformation into something quite new.  The before and after pictures are not always apparent.  In fact, a certain level of disconnect should be expected going in.  However, that’s the charm of the album, and its intelligence.  In that same way a puzzle can be considered a source of entertainment even as it forces a brain to go into overdrive and the nervous system to persevere ’til the solution is found, Standard Time coaxes a deep dive into the memory banks for something familiar as it simultaneously keeps the attention focused on its playful expressionism of the new.

Released on Ubuntu Music.

Music from Edinburgh, Scotland.

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