Best of 2018 #24: Jack Radsliff – “Migration Patterns”


I’m still not sure where this album came from.  It popped up on my radar as 2017 came to a close, and its lovely blooms of melody and harmonic colors bold and bright made me want to include it as a last minute replacement on the Best of 2017 list.  I’ve learned to hold back on that compulsion.  Every album deserves time to fully reveal itself.  Migration Patterns certainly has done that, and it speaks to how deep the talent pool is on the modern scene that this album doesn’t sit in a higher slot on the list.  I listen to this album over and over and over, and I still can’t decide which song is my favorite.  I guess it’s whichever one I’m listening to at the moment.  An amazing debut from Jack Radsliff, and a promising sign of things to come.

The album is Self-Produced.

Music from Eugene, Oregon.

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Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon