Best of 2018 #37: Tim Daisy’s Fulcrum Ensemble – “Animation”


This inside-out recording from Tim Daisy’s Fulcrum Ensemble possesses an enthusiasm that spreads like wildfire to anyone within listening distance.  Sometimes it echoes the swinging affairs from New Orleans past and sometimes it explodes in an avant-garde fury reminiscent of New York City loft scene of the seventies.  But in every instance, there’s a strong presence of the modern day, that the form of expression is always focused through the lens of musicians who know exactly where their feet stand and that they breathe the air of today.  Back when I first wrote about this recording, I said not to be surprised if this album makes an appearance in a later column.  The Best of 2018 is exactly what I had in mind then, and feel no less strongly about it now.

Released on Relay Recordings.

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Music from Chicago, IL.

Available at:  Bandcamp