Best of 2018 #47: James Davis Quintet – “Disappearing Roads”


As this site illustrates day after day, there is no end to the wonderful studio recordings from the modern scene.  That said, an essential element of jazz is improvisation, and how that expresses itself in a live setting.  Sometimes we’re fortunate that someone is there to hit a record button.  Such is the case with this excellent live session from trumpeter James Davis and his quintet’s performance at the Chicago venue, The Whistler.  With pianist Rob Clearfield, guitarist Dave Miller, double bassist Matt Ulery, and drummer Quin Kirchner, the quintet embodies all the reasons why we should be sure to balance out our digital/CD listening routines with the simple act of buying a ticket to hear some of this magic occur in a live setting.  This album is everything that’s great about the modern jazz scene.

Released as part of the Whistler Chicago music series.

Music from Chicago, IL.

I wrote about this album for The Bandcamp Daily.

Available at:  Bandcamp