Best of 2019 #53: Christophe Panzani – “Les Mauvais Tempéraments”


Christophe Panzani paints a sunrise on his 2019 release, and it’s a different one with each of the seven pianists he duets with on Les Mauvais Tempéraments.  Sometimes the music is pure tranquility and other times it kicks out some heat, but each piece on this lovely album radiates the contemplative atmosphere when the day is only just beginning and the world still retains a state of sleep peacefulness.  It’s a continuation of his 2016 release Les Âmes Perdues, and no less a joy to hear.  The pure intimacy between two musicians, locked in conversation in the same room with just their instruments as the method of communication is the kind of thing that leads to profound moments and insights that can never be fully encapsulated with mere words.  We need more recordings like this, and hopefully Panzani is only just getting started with this phase of his creative journey.

Your album personnel:  Christophe Panzani (tenor sax) and guests: Yonathan Avishai, Edouard Ferlet, Eric Legnini, Leonardo Montana, Yael Naim, Tony Paeleman, and Guillaume Poncelet (piano)

Released on the Jazz & People label.

Music from Paris, France.

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