Best of 2019 #59: Danketsu 9 – “Towards a Walk in the Sun”


Patrick Shiroishi knows how to make edgy music feel warm as sunlight. He takes the talent to its extreme on this gorgeous live session, 47 uninterrupted minutes of a tenuous serenity, like how a tiny splash from a pebble on the placid lake surface sends ripples everywhere, unending, an undercurrent of tension in an otherwise peaceful life.  Some of Shiroishi’s music gets pretty volatile, but even then, the comforting, almost contemplative presence that’s on full display here will exert its influence during moments of extreme intensity.  In terms of recorded music, the saxophonist had an excellent 2019; Let this be your launching point to discovering more of it.

Your album personnel:  Patrick Shiroishi (alto & tenor saxophones), Ang Wilson (flute), Dylan Fujioka (accordion, percussion), Jason Adams (cello), Ken Moore (double bass), Kelly Coats (flute), Mallory Soto (voice), Noah Guevara (guitar), and Pauline Lay (violin).

Released on Patient Sounds Records.

Music from Los Angeles, CA.

Listen | Read more | Available at:  Bandcamp