Best of 2019 #63: Sly Horizon – “The Anatomy of Light”


There’s an unsettling moment at the peak of a morning sunrise, when the sun has cleared the horizon, and the shades of pinks, oranges, and deep blues show signs of daytime, and the city, which had been hushed to that point, begins to hum with wakefulness and activity.  It’s a moment that produces cracks in the serenity with the knowledge that peacefulness is coming to an end, and the clash and motion and disruption of daily life is the next thing to crest the horizon.  That is the embodiment of The Anatomy of Light.  The Sly Horizon trio of trombonist Rick Parker, seven-string guitarist Álvaro Domene, and drummer-percussionist Jeremy Carlstedt capture that corrosive effect upon tranquility, and channel it in a way that pretty damn well approximates the ebb and flow of the light’s evolution through a day in the life of anyone who’s living it.

Your album personnel:  Rick Parker (trombone, electronics, and synths), Álvaro Domene (7 string guitar and electronics) and Jeremy Carlstedt (drums and electronics).

Released on Iluso Records.

Music from New York City.

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