Best of 2019 #65: Iago Aguado – “Festina Lente”


This is rainy day music that retained some of the sunlight that preceded it.  This is rainy day music that respects how the streaks of lightning and grumbles of thunder are equal contributors to the serene ambiance of the gentle patter of rain hitting the window sill.  Iago Aguado achieves all of these perspectives by matching languorous cadences with melodies that bend like light, melt like wax.  There’s liveliness to balance out the introspective tones, and a tuneful catchiness to keep the contemplation reined in.  David Soler’s pedal steel adds tons of character, and Joana Gomila’s vocal contributions frame the instrumental pieces, as if two sides of the same picture.  This is music for lazy days, and for busy days to make them seem a little calmer than they are.

Your album personnel:  Iago Aguado (guitar), David Soler (pedal steel), Joana Gomila (vocals), Miguel Villar (tenor sax), David Mengual (double bass), and Oriol Roca (drums).

Released on Underpool Music.

Music from Barcelona, Spain.

I wrote about this album for The Bandcamp Daily.

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