Best of 2019 #67: Naomi Moon Siegel – “Live at Earshot”


The impression given by Naomi Moon Siegel is that she is serenading the constellations.  There’s an imagery inherent to her music that is greater than the calculus of the notes, much in the same way a certain collection of stars become so much meaningful in the context of their astronomical shape and name and story.  There is also a languorous nature to the trombonist’s music that radiates a sense of moonlight, of crickets on a dark evening, of dreams when sleep finally comes but not yet, not yet.  It’s a quality the trombonist exhibited as a vital part of the Seattle scene, and it’s a trait that has only grown stronger since her move to Montana.  This excellent live session at the Seattle festival Earshot captures it all and more.

Your album personnel:  Naomi Moon Siegel (trombone), Sean Woolstenhulme (guitar), Eric Eagle (drums), Wayne Horvitz (piano), Geoff Harper (bass) and Thione Diop (percussion).

Released on Slow & Steady Records.

Music from Missoula, Montana.

I wrote about this album for The Bandcamp Daily.

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