Bird is the Worm is expanding: I have a new site


So, in addition to wanting to help get the spotlight on modern jazz, I’m also looking to begin making some headway on getting the spotlight on the jazz scene in my new home state of Kentucky.

And, as a result, I’ve begun a new site.  It’s called Notes From the Holler.  You may have noticed a new page tab just under the Bird is the Worm header image.  I’ll be keeping a summary of Notes From the Holler posts under the tab of that name.  In fact, I just added my first one.  You can view it HERE.

As I said, Notes From the Holler will focus on Jazz in Kentucky.  That means not just the recordings and live performances of local musicians, but also the live performances of touring musicians who make a stop in Kentucky.  Due to my proximity to Cincinnati, I probably will expand my reach to that fine city.  And, really, any time I go on a road trip and encounter jazz, I’ll be writing that up, too.

Upcoming posts include a preview of a Jeb Bishop – Tim Daisy show in Lexington, and a show review.  A show review of the Hobgood – Watts show in Louisville a couple weeks back, and two jazz performances in Louisville over Derby weekend of the University of Louisville jazz ensemble and the Vanessa Morris – James Merenda duo.  Also, I’ve been told that jazz shows are going to become a regular thing again at the Nach Bar in Louisville, so I expect to be making a few exuberant drunk posts after those shows, too.

Eventually, I hope to help the jazz scene in Kentucky grow, to give touring artists an incentive to make a stop in this beautiful state, and, further down the road, help to bring a jazz festival to these parts.

Lots of goals, lots of work, and lots of fun… even when I’m drowning in it and shouting profanities at my computer screen.

This is a work in process.  I’m figuring out most of this stuff as I go along.  Hopefully you’ll find it as enjoyable as I do.

If you’re a Kentucky jazz musician or making a tour stop in Kentucky, go ahead and contact me at this site’s email address (found on the About Me page).  I’ll be happy to do some Get The Word Out legwork, which could manifest in an album review, show preview, show write-up, interview… really, whatever seems like a good idea at the time.

A request on some feedback from readers, a small item:

I’d like to keep my Jazz in Kentucky content strictly on Notes From The Holler, but I’m sensitive to readers getting exhausted from all the sites there are to visit, so I’m also considering just duping all my Jazz in Kentucky posts on both sites.

If you wouldn’t mind, please provide some feedback in the comments of this post, to let me know your thoughts on this subject.  I’m really waffling on this subject, big time.

And, as always, I appreciate you stopping by to do a little reading.