Recommended: Bjorn Jansson – “Genklang”


Bjorn Jansson - "Genklang"A recent under-the-radar album I’ve been enjoying lately is Genklang, from saxophonist Björn Jansson.  Its easy-to-like mix of modern jazz, Nordic folk, and all-around alluring moodiness is a nice example of some of the music coming out of Sweden.

The album’s opening tracks come out with the grand statements.  “Begynnelsen” works it from an harmonic angle, while “Upp Igen” takes long loping strides and punctuates the statements of melody and its solos with a sense of finality.  And then there’s the way in which the powerful expressions of “Green Turned Blue” are able to maintain a drifting ambiance throughout.

A few tracks hover between states of introspection and torpor.  Both “Temat” and “Skogen Vaknar” keep motion to a minimum while developing strong atmospherics, creating a contemplative tone that is really quite captivating.

“Du Går Aldrig Ensam” breaks from the torpor with a brisk pace and a lovely tuneful delivery.  “Rastlös Psalm” keeps the brisk pace going and doesn’t let up on the loveliness.  And “Strömmen” doesn’t slow things down even as it dives headfirst into the deep end of the melodic pool.

The upbeat “Mellan Stjärnorna” and “Mistral” work a contemporary angle, hinting at a bit of bop without changing the face of the album.  This cohesion is imperative to this recording, as it is then able to end with the short, ambient piece “Skogen Brinner” without appearing out of sorts… a peaceful conclusion to an album that always found a ways to provide it.

Your album personnel:  Björn Jansson (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Tobias Wiklund (flugelhorn, trumpet), Adam Forkelid (piano), Clas Lassbo (bass) and Daniel Fredriksson (drums, cymbals).

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Soundcloud page.

Released on Reach-Up Music.

Jazz from the Stockholm, Sweden scene.

Available at:  eMusic | Amazon