Recommended: Blaubart – “Blaubart”


Blaubart - "Blaubart"Blaubart is a fascinating reinterpretation of Béla Bartók’s Bluebird’s Castle.  A trio that adopts the title as their ensemble name, Blaubart grow lively improvisations from the heart of the original compositions.  A choppy dissonance shares the same space as pretty melodies that dance with an infectious exuberance.  A haunting beauty is often married to an ominous austerity.  Bursts of furious activity will suddenly part, to be replaced by waves of uneasy serenity.

The unrestrained joyfulness of one moment will be counterbalanced by another of deep contemplation.  It is not uncommon for the many sections of whimsy to be accompanied by a serious gravity.  The change in motion is often sudden, unexpected and in possession of an alluring fluidity.

This is enchanting music cast with an unconventional spell.  Blaubart is Something Different, and its enviable mix of wit, challenge and charm earns it a strong recommendation.

Your album personnel:  Chris Wirth (clarinet, bass clarinet, Hulusi flute), Christian Strässle (violin, viola) and Manuela Keller (piano, harmonium, glockenspiel).

Released on Unit Records.

Jazz from the Zurich, Switzerland scene.

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