Blue Cranes – “Love Love Love”


Today’s featured video is from the Blue Cranes, performing the Wayne Horvitz composition “Love Love Love.”

The Blue Cranes are one of those acts who get right up against the border between modern jazz and indie-rock.  The result is typically complex music with dramatic flourishes and melodic interludes laid bare in their honest simplicity.

This live performance takes place at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, in conjunction with the 2009 Portland Jazz Festival.

The song “Love Love Love” is from the classic Wayne Horvitz recording American Bandstand (sometimes listed as Forever, a change in title that, if I remember correctly, may have been triggered by a lawsuit from the American Bandstand tv show people… but I could be making that up, and I’m too lazy right now to do any research on this, so I’m going to let it stand. Welcome to the internet.)  In any event, Wayne Horvitz is one of my favorite musicians, and you can expect to see several more references to Wayne and his music as 2014 comes to a close.  Here’s a blog-y review I wrote up about two of his albums–> LINK.

In any event, I’m thrilled to see other artists performing Wayne’s music.

Your video personnel:  Reed Wallsmith (alto sax), Sly Pig (tenor sax), Rebecca Sanborn (keyboards, piano), Keith Brush (acoustic bass), and Ji Tanzer (drums).


Video & audio by J. Free at Sonic Archives.

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