Cancel your Tuesday plans: WXOX-FM and Kevin Coultas’s Mingle are putting me back on the air


In a gross oversight likely to cause massive repercussions throughout civilized society, I am being allowed back on the airwaves.  Tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 29th of 2018, I’m returning as a guest on the Louisville-based ARTxFM show Mingle, hosted by Kevin Coultas.

The show runs from 6-8pm (EST) on WXOX 97.1 FM.

If your location happens to fall outside the station antenna’s range, then you can listen in via the internet.  Visit the station site page to either listen via their embedded audio player or download one of their recommended apps.

And, remember, if you’re playing the personalized ARTxFM Mingle drinking game… each time I mispronounce a musician’s name, you take a shot.  Double it if I also misidentify an album title, song title, or geographical location.  If I forget either Kevin’s or my own name, then it’s three shots.  Please familiarize yourself with the symptoms of alcohol poisoning before tuning in.

Here’s a tentative playlist of songs to be featured (maybe or maybe not in this order, and we may not get to everything):

1.  A track by Charles Mingus (Kevin always begins his show with a Mingus tune)

2.  Jason Stein’s Locksmith Isisdore – “26-2”

3.  Chip Wickham– “Bario 71”

4.  Odd Atlas – “CAD”

5.  Daniel Beaussier & Manu Pékar – “A Maze in Greece”

6.  Ensemble et al – “Au Cheval”

7.  Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters – “W.S. 2”  (more)

8.  Alex Oliverio’s Sunshine Ensemble – “La Vita”  (more)

9.  Jack Radsliff – “Ruby”

10.  Christopher Ali Solidarity Quartet – “For Those Who Walked Before Us”

11.  João Lencastre’s Communion – “Rain Drops”

12.  Juan Ibarra – “REM”

13.  Kjetil Mulelid – “Fly, Fly”

14.  Marike van Dijk Stereography Project – “At the Mermaid Parade”

15.  Joshua Trinidad – “Bell (Lullaby)”

16.  Trio HLK – “Extra Sensory Perception Part 1”

17.  Thomas Strønen – “Lucus”

18.  Ronny Ferella – “Not For No Reason”

19.  Peggy Lee Band – “Painting Echoes”

To learn more about any of the music on this list, just follow the More link.  It’ll lead you to some music to listen to and a synopsis and a link to where you can discover even more about the music.  Some of those links lead to posts on Bird is the Worm and some lead to my write-ups for The Bandcamp Daily.  Tonight’s focuses on new releases that will be featured on an upcoming Bandcamp Daily column (likely posting during the first week of June) and albums that will be featured here on Bird is the Worm in the upcoming weeks, so there’s practically nothing to link to for now.

And hopefully that’s enough music to fill up the two-hour show duration.  Otherwise, I’m gonna have to start singing David Bowie tunes to a live studio audience… which is comprised of just Kevin Coultas, poor poor Kevin Coultas.

And here’s a link to the audio archive of the show, where you can listen to this show afterwards, as well as previous guest appearances or, mercifully, those shows where Kevin takes the reins solo.

And here’s the audio from the show…

We actually managed to fit in all 19 tunes listed above, and almost in that order.