Chris Schlarb: Free music, new albums and an upcoming tour


Chris Schlarb tour photoThe music of Chris Schlarb is an instance where my unapologetic subjectivity may be eclipsing my aspirations for objectivity… but mostly I think they simply meet at a coincidental, shared zenith.  I mention this by way of a preamble only because Schlarb’s music is one of those rare times that I unabashedly enter fanboy mode and rave about the music I’m hearing.  But that’s how it shakes out.

His albums Twilight & Ghost Stories and the two Psychic Temple recordings hit me the way music is supposed to make contact.  The music is wired in a way that corresponds to my own wiring, and why it’s difficult for me to compose a normal post on this site without, well, doing what you’ve just spent the last minute reading.  It’s the kind of thing that keeps us returning to favorite albums and has us perpetually searching for the next great album that replicates that connection.

But make no mistake about it… Schlarb is a brilliant musician.  And while there always is a natural born element involved, his talent has been forged by experience and sweat equity.  That balance of nature and nurture in an artist’s creativity is why the honesty rings as genuine and the inspirations resonate more strongly than the measure of their ultimate success.

Good grief, okay, this is what I’m talking about.  The title of this post says something about free music, new albums and tours, and instead I’m giving you a very blog-y post about the nature of creativity and then recounting it in the current paragraph.

Let’s begin…

I’ve just received word that Psychic Temple III is in the can and now it’s just looking for labels and distributors.  No date yet… but it’s coming.  In addition, Schlarb has made a little niche for himself developing soundtracks for video games.  This summer, the video game Dropsy will be his newest project, and he says that it might as well be another Psychic Temple album.  His previous video game music is available for listening & purchase on his Bandcamp page (LINK).

Chris Schlarb - "Psychic Temple II" (alt)Speaking of which, until March 23rd, Schlarb’s second installment of the Psychic Temple series is FREE on his Bandcamp page.  In truth, I’m almost hesitant to even mention it being free, because I want you all to buy it.  The more income Schlarb makes off his existing recordings, the better he’s able to continue making new music.  That said, he requested that I mention something, so here I am.  Definitely go download the album, with both his and my blessing.  If it floats your boat, there’s nothing saying you can’t return later after the free period has lapsed and basically purchase it again, but this time at its normal price.  Or, instead, you could buy the first Psychic Temple recording (LINK) and/or buy the next one.

I want listeners to find music that makes them happy and appreciative of being alive to hear it.  And I want musicians to be able to make a living at their profession so that the results of their creativity can continue unabated.  Everyone wins that way.

A Summer tour is in the works, though nothing definitive yet.  I mention this only so you can be on the lookout for updates on his site’s Tour page (LINK) or just join his mailing list.

Here’s where you go to download Psychic Temple II… (LINK)

You were listening to a track from the album (embedded above), and now here’s another track from the album… a cover of a Beach Boys tune…


As I get updates on the new albums and a tour, I’ll pass the news on to you.

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Somewhere in those articles there has to be some words about the original Psychic Temple album.  I’m shocked to learn that it doesn’t have its own stand-alone recommendation.

Anyways, have fun exploring his music.