Cliff Hines – “Dresden”


Today’s video is for the song “Dresden” from Wanderlust, a new release by Cliff Hines, which embraced a variety of music influences without ever really adopting one for the lead role.  It resulted in an intoxicating mix of songs that landed it in my Something Different review series.  You can read that review, here, at Bird is the Worm.

I’m seeing more and more of the use of animation in modern jazz videos, which to my mind is a trend I’d like to see continue.

Your video personnel:  Cliff Hines (guitar, vocals, synthesizers, guitar effects), Sasha Masakowski (vocals), Paul Thibodeaux (drums, percussion), Jasen Weaver (acoustic & electric bass), and Andrew McGowan (piano, Rhodes), and guests.

The animation is done by Tahnee Gehm.



Have a great Sunday!