Dan Peter Sundland – “Elevenette”


Dan Peter Sundland - "Elevenette"I find myself perpetually fascinated by the expansive sound and intimate warmth of Elevenette, the debut by Dan Peter Sundland.  Utilizing classical compositions and jazz improvisation, he rounds out the vision by marrying his music to the words of poets such and Christopher Buckley, Campbell McGrath, and Allen Ginsberg.

The large ensemble, bolstered by instruments typical to the orchestra setting, provide the music with a large voice… one they’re not afraid to use when they stand up and roar.  But the phrasing of the music lends to introspective pauses and peaceful interludes, and that big sound begins to behave more like a sonic blanket to wrap oneself in.

Your album personnel: Dan Peter Sundland (bass & compositions), Emilie Nicolas Kongshavn (vocals), Erik Lefsaker (flute), Nils Marius Kjøsnes (clarinet), Martin Myhre Olsen (alto sax), Hanna Paulsberg (tenor sax), Torstein Lavik Larsen (trumpet), Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (trombone), Ola Lindseth (violin), Tabita Berglund (cello), and Hans Hulbækmo (percussion, vibes).

And while the music does lend itself more to classical, Hanna Paulsberg’s contributions to a track like “Cuttings and Cuttings” illustrate quite nicely that there’s some jazz running through the veins of this fascinating album.  Opening track “A Western Ballad” is the best example of the balance between the two, seamlessly shifting between a lofty string interlude and saxophone heat.

Kongshvn’s poetic delivery is a joy each time she makes an appearance, but just as importantly, she remains within the fold of the ensemble, her voice one with the other instruments, and, thankfully, preventing the album from becoming simply a series of transitions between vocal sections and instrumental.

Just a really wonderful debut album, with a rich and engaging personality.

Released on Øra Fonogram.

Music from the Berlin scene.

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