Dave Jackson Quartet “Cosmontology” & Herskedal/Neset “Neck of the Woods”


Dave Jackson Quartet – Cosmontology

Dave Jackson - "Cosmontology"No matter how religiously I scan the various outlets for new Jazz releases each week, there’s always gonna be a few solid recordings that slip past unseen and just fall into my lap outta pure dumb luck.  Such is the case with saxophonist Dave Jackson, who sent in an unsolicited submission to my queue at the AllAboutJazz download of the day feature.  When I was the dotd editor, I’d get plenty of unsolicited material, but much of it wasn’t up to snuff, and with so few slots actually open for unsolicited material, it usually had to be something special. Dave Jackson’s Cosmontology was one such example.

This is music that doesn’t do any one thing great or possess a unique trait that differentiates itself from the pack.  Jackson’s quartet does everything well, and most importantly, they do it well together, and as Jazz has illustrated over and over, one of its admirable characteristics is the quality of the interplay between group members and how it makes many individual things done well result in something far greater.  This album represents that characteristic, and it’s emblematic of the depth of the Jazz landscape today.

This is a modern jazz album, but the kind that definitely will find appeal to fans of the Hard Bop era.  These are tunes that know how to serve up a melody as the main course, then cast out lines throughout the song so that the melody lingers long after the quartet has developed it into something quite different.  These are tunes that offer up a rhythm that smokes, but coolly go about their business so that it all seems to go down nice and casual.  These are tunes that have two feet in the present, but can draw their lineage in direct thick lines to the past.  And, best of all, these are tunes that are so easy to enjoy, even when the music isn’t simple.  A sense of the effortless, from a quartet that plays seamlessly as one.  Solid.

Your album personnel: Dave Jackson (alto sax), Greg Hutchinson (drums), Orlando Le Fleming (bass), and Sean Wayland (piano).

The album is Self-Produced.

Jazz from the Sydney, Australia scene.

Download a free album track at AllAboutJazz, courtesy of the artist.

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Daniel Herskedal & Marius Neset – Neck of the Woods

Herskedal, Neset - "Neck of the Woods"Duo album between tuba player Daniel Herskedal and saxophonist Marius Neset.  Yes, it does sound like a premise for a jazz joke about walking into a bar, but this isn’t a whimsical affair.  Serene music that often takes to soaring, this is one for the quieter moments of the day.  A vague mix of Jazz, Classical, and Folk, with elements of each negating any definitive trait from taking over at any one time.  The duo has created their own little sound, and it’s pretty intoxicating in its way.  The interplay between the two is a delightful pantomime, but it’s when they break out the harmonies that this album comes into its fullest.

I had actually assume this recording would get used as part of my Something Different review series, but for all of its unconventional traits, this album is relatively straight forward, as far as these things go.  Good stuff.

Your album personnel:  Daniel Herskedal (tuba) and Marius Neset (saxophones), plus a choir on three of the album tracks.

Released on the Edition Records label.

Jazz from Norway.

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