Diego Barber Quartet – “Piru”


Today’s video is from guitarist Diego Barber, who, in my opinion, is putting out some of the most fascinating music on the scene.  He brings a classical guitar to the table, creating a jazz hybrid that offers up expansive sounds and sublime nuance both.

The song performed, “Piru,” is the opening track of his debut album Calima, one of the best things 2009 had to offer.  It hasn’t been reviewed on this site, yet (soon, though), but his follow up releases have been, so feel free to search my site to read more.

Your video personnel:  Diego Barber (classical guitar), Seamus Blake (sax), Ari Hoenig (drums), and Johannes Weidenmueller (bass).


Diego Barber - "Tales"Aside from realizing that I hadn’t yet featured any of Barber’s music on my video series, my primary inspiration for featuring Barber today is the imminent release of his new album Tales, a duo collaboration with the excellent pianist Craig Taborn.

I’ll be reviewing Tales, as well as recapping the rest of Barber’s work in a soon to be published column.  This Tales, damn, it’s pretty amazing.  I’ll be a bit more descriptive than that in the official review, obviously, but this recording is just fantastic.  As strongly as I feel about Barber being a special part of the jazz scene, Taborn, too, has evolved into one of those musicians who is getting involved with intriguing projects and producing some wonderful music of their own.  When I first got word of this upcoming release, strangely, I didn’t even care if I liked it or not.  I mean, I did want the music to be something I liked, but mostly, I was just thrilled that these two quality, inventive musicians decided to collaborate.  I figured, hey, even if I didn’t personally like the album, the music was certain to be something quite special, and that meant some listeners out there would connect with it, and for me, sometimes that’s enough.  I just like the idea of creative minds I respect collaborating, then stepping back to see what happens.  The act of the experiment can be just as valuable as the results it produces.  And in this instance, both were a success.

Okay, that’s it.  Have a great Sunday!