Erik Lindeborg – “Salonul Magic, Part V”


Erik Lindeborg - "Salonul Magic"Today’s video is of the making of the cover art for Erik Lindeborg‘s newest release Salonul Magic.  It was one of my eMusic Jazz Picks a couple months back, and I’m hoping to do a review on Bird is the Worm in the not too distant future.

I discovered Lindeborg’s 2008 release Time something like two years ago while rummaging through an AAJ slush pile, just pulling out anything that looked interesting.  I was immediately gripped by the lively, yet contemplative beauty of Time, and have been eagerly looking forward to hearing more from Lindeborg.  His newest, Salonul Magic, didn’t disappoint.

In any event, I love the cover art for his new album, and here I get the excuse to post a video about it.

Your video personnel:  Erik Lindeborg (piano), Steinar Aadnekvam (guitar), Magdalena Adeen (voice), Niklas Wennström (bass), and Robert Mehmet Ikiz (percussion).

The album cover art is by Diana Butucariu.



For those of you certain that my upcoming review will compel you to purchase this album and see no point in waiting, you can go here:  Available at eMusic.  Available at Amazon: MP3

Have a great Sunday!

And P.S.:  Today is my birthday, so there’s that, too.