Estafest – “Papillon”


Estafest - "Eno Supo"Today’s featured video is from the Dutch quartet Estafest, who have an interesting new album out, entitled Eno Supo, from which the song “Papillon” is a track on.  With Oene van Geel on violin & cajon, Mete Erker on sax, Jeroen van Vliet on piano, and Anton Goudsmit on guitar, they create an alluring mix of Nordic jazz, folk-rock, and chamber music.  The bustling activity of the latter qualities provides the serenity of the former quality a liveliness that precludes languorous music from ever becoming sleepy music to doze off to.  Released on Challenge Records earlier this year, it’s definitely worth checking out.

This 2013 video was recorded at the Bimhuis for VPRO Vrije Geluiden, a Dutch public broadcast company.



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