Get in your car right now. Quin Kirchner and Brandon Seabrook have Lexington shows and it all happens in a couple hours


Yes yes yes, I should’ve given you a heads-up about this hours, days, weeks ago, but because excuse excuse excuse excuse I am only getting to it now.

In just a couple hours, the Quin Kirchner Quintet and the Brandon Seabrook Trio are performing in Lexington at the Niles Gallery on the University of Kentucky campus.

They are both touring in support of new albums.  Kirchner’s new release was one of my Best Jazz on Bandcamp recommendations back in January.  At the time, I said it was too early to be calling The Other Side of Time one of the best things I’d heard all year (even though it was).  Now, with 2018 hitting the homestretch, I no longer need to hold back on that assertion.  His quintet are a list of reasons to see the show even in the absence of that recording.  Clarinetist Jason Stein, tenor saxophonist Nate Lepine, bassist Matt Ulery and trombonist Nick Broste have received plenty of mentions on this site (and my various other outlets).

Here’s a track from Kirchner’s new album…

Listen to more of it, and purchase it, on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Seabrook just released a new recording (coincidentally, like Kirchner, also on the Astral Spirits label) titled Convulsionaries.  Nothing ironic about the title.  It’s hyperactive music where the melody is at the mercy of the motion.  The guitarist is joined by bassist Henry Fraser and cellist Daniel Levin, and if nothing else, it’s a deft illustration of the rhythmic potential of a string trio.

Here’s a track from Seabrook’s new album…

Listen to more of it, and purchase it, on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

The Details:

When:  Today, Sunday, October 7th, 2018.

Time:  Music starts at 7pm.

Where:  UK’s Niles Gallery (inside the UK Fine Arts Library)

Cost:  Free! (now you can buy some CDs).

Goal:  Have fun (you will).