Recommended: Grace Moon & the Jaguar – “Kananga”


Grace Moon & the Jaguar - "Kananga"Kananga is a massively captivating vocal session.  The debut from Grace Moon & the Jaguar is equal parts modern jazz and updated Motown R&B, and delivered with the heartstrings pull of an old-school movie soundtrack.  The music sounds Big even when expressing the gentlest melodic threads.

At its core, the band is a trio of Grace Moon‘s piano & vocals, the guitar of JB Pilon (aka The Jaguar) and the drums of Paul Winter-Hart.  However, they are augmented by the the brass section of Bruce Stevens & his Mongrel Horns, the strings of Ian Post & his Homeric String Orchestra, and a variety of extra percussion.

The crowded stage doesn’t weigh the music down, nor does it get too fussy and overcomplicated.  Soaring melodies are lifted up by harmonies as thick as sunbeams and just as warm and light.  The accompaniment snaps into place where needed with a clockwork precision.  The percussion element stays focused with an eye trained on the road ahead.  The music possesses a tunefulness bordering on addictive.

A very fun and thrilling debut.

Your album personnel:  Grace Moon (piano, vocals), JB Pilon aka The Jaguar (guitar, bass), Paul Winter-Hart (drums), Bruce Stevens (tuba), Yusuf Oliver Narçin (bass trombone), Sion Favell Jones, Ieuan Williams (trombones), Chris McKay (French horn), Finlay Bain (French horn, Wagner tuba), Mark Ashley (trumpet), Jessica Lauren (organ), Rob Sell (flute), Anthony Kerr (vibraphone), Joe Glossop (piano), Jack Mango (bouzouki) and Ian Post & his Homeric String Orchestra.

This album is Self-Produced.

Jazz from the London scene.

Available at:  Bandcamp – eMusicAmazon