Recommended: Guillaume Martineau – “Par 5 Chemins”


Guillaume Martineau - "Par 5 Chemins"Par 5 Chemins is a thrilling debut from pianist Guillaume Martineau, who seems to have fashioned a modern piano trio album for quintet.  This is especially true of the up-tempo songs.  Establishing the piano trio as the core provides sax and guitar more freedom to accentuate the melody and rhythm, often in coordination with one another and with tremendously evocative results.

Songs like “Tesla” and “Imago” scoot along… a modern piano trio sound with the fast-forward button pressed down firmly while guitar effects whistle across the path and sax matches it step for step.  Or there’s the highly expressive, thrilling personality of “Le Matin des Magiciens,” just bursting with life and always returning back to the home of the melody no matter how far out the solos take the song.  It’s the album highlight.

The quintet eases off the gas pedal for a couple tracks.  “Lolo” keeps the quintet flowing in unison.  Moving parts are synchronized with a meticulous precision and foresight, which provides little seams and openings for the loveliest bits of nuance… warped guitar notes shining through like the bending of sunlight, the rustle of brushes comforting, yet animated.  There’s, also. the moody “Hors du monde,” with its contemplative piano and the murmur of guitar effects.

Lively, thoughtful and seriously expressive.

Your album personnel:  Guillaume Martineau (piano), Tevet Sela (saxophones), François Jalbert (guitar), Simon Pagé (bass), Raphaël Pannier (drums).

Released on The 270 Sessions.

Jazz from the Montreal scene.

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