Hello world!


I’m thinking this blog will help me bring everything together.  From there, then I build.

My name is Dave.  I’m the AllAboutJazz Download of the Day editor.  I also write for Emusic.com and MusicIsGood.org.

So, yeah, this site will mostly be about jazz, specifically jazz being recorded in the present day.  I’ll review a whole bunch of jazz albums.  I’ll profile some cool labels.  If I can sucker anyone into talking to me, maybe I’ll get an interview or two.

I’m gonna be more jazz advocate than analyst.  I’m not gonna be trashing albums or musicians on here.  There’s too much great music out there to be wasting time talking about music I don’t like.  My reviews will be honest.  I’ll mention elements of the music I like, elements I think others might like, a little background on the artist, and anything else I find interesting.  If the resources are there, I’ll link to safe sites where you can listen to the album or songs for free so you can hear it for yourself.

I’m obsessively focused on jazz in the present tense.  Every week, I scour the jazz new releases listings for anything that sounds interesting.  I’m all over the self-produced and small-label releases.  What I come up with results often in me sending out invitations to artists to participate in the AllAboutJazz download of the day feature.  Also, Emusic hires me to contribute my jazz recs to a weekly New Arrivals article that appears both on their main site and the emusic blog 17 Dots.

I hang out on the AllAboutJazz forum and the emusers forum.

Undoubtedly I’ll sneak in some posts about adoptable cats; I’m a volunteer for my local Humane Society.  God help me, but I’ll probably make some posts about comics and trades, too, because I just can’t help myself.

I think that’s it for now.  I’ll probably tweak this entry later, but for now, I’m ready to get started.  I’m just bursting with all that new-blog enthusiasm, irrationally motivated to get as much content posted immediately to placate the hordes of readers surely to topple existing bandwidth.

Thanks for visiting “Bird is the Worm”.


-Dave Sumner