Henning Kraggerud & Bugge Wesseltoft – Risør Chamber Music Festival 2012


Here’s a video of Henning Kraggerud & Bugge Wesseltoft performing a live track from their latest album.  The tune is called “Stevtone,” and it appears on their 2012 release Last Spring.

It was performed June 26th, 2012 at the Risør Chamber Music Festival (Jazz in Church), and definitely captures the serenity and patience of their album.  Also, just a pretty song.

Your video personnel:  Bugge Wesseltoft (piano) and Henning Kraggerud (viola).

You can read my review of their album Last Spring, here, on Bird is the Worm.  In addition to the review, it has an embedded audio track from the album, links to artist and retail sites, and probably other things I included that floated my boat at the time.

Have a great Sunday!