Here’s some videos because it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and there’s snow everywhere


It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon.  The only thing you should feel like doing right now is watching some videos with peaceful music and peaceful imagery.  I got you covered.

First up is a video from the Helge Lien Trio.  It features the title-song from their 2017 release Guzuguzu.  That album was one of my Best of Bandcamp Jazz recommendations when it was released last October, but apparently it’s no longer retailing on Bandcamp, so the review was taken down.  But, in summary, this is a very pretty album.

The album is available for purchase at Amazon.

Our next featured video is from the duo of Francois Jalbert & Jérôme Beaulieu.  The video features the title-track from their gorgeous 2017 release This Is A Real Place.  This video is my life today:  Snow outside, warm sunlight blanketing the room, a brief venture outdoors, and an abiding sense of tranquility.

Go read more about this album, and give it a listen, on Bird is the Worm.

And for our final video… well, it’s a video of a bunny rabbit playing in leaves.  Apparently I bookmarked it a while back and forgot about it… only now seeing it as I searched for some videos to feature today.  Bun Bun is a rescue bunny, and considering she was injured and left to die on the side of the road, she appears to be living a pretty sweet life.

You can follow the adventures of Bun Bun on her own Facebook page, because of course you can.