In The Mailbox: Brian Patneaude – “All Around Us”

Just got this in the mail yesterday afternoon, and it made an evening in the car running errands much much more enjoyable.

Brian Patneaude – All Around Us

I’ll be reviewing this album in more detail either on eMusic or AAJ, as well as on Bird is the Worm, but wanted to give a heads-up that this album will be hitting the shelves soon.  It’s got Patneaude manning tenor sax, David Caldwell-Manor on piano and Fender Rhodes (which he uses on an especially nifty cover of Wayne Shorter’s “Juju”), Mike Delprete on bass, and Danny Welchel on drums and percussion.

I also own Patneaude’s two previous albums, Riverview and As We Know It, and this new one definitely stacks up well against the two previous.  It’s a bit more straight forward in sound; doesn’t seem to have those eerie undertones of earlier albums, but All Around Us stands out as being more confident sounding and soulful.  About fifteen seconds after Patneaude’s appearance on the album, I was thinking, oh yeah, this is definitely a Patneaude album; his signature (or voice) is becoming more entrenched and unique.  It’s a pretty cool thing to hear a musician develop their voice over the course of a handful of albums; it’s like experiencing a small part of their own personal search & exploration of the source of their creativity.

Anyways, consider yourselves notified of this cool new release.

Here’s a link to Brian’s website.

Official CD release performance:
Saturday, March 3, 2012
Massry Center for the Arts
1002 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12203

Here’s a promo video Brian has up on youtube…