It’s Friday and it’s probably been a shitty week, so here is the antidote for all that: Avi Granite 6 “Orbit”


This music is boisterous.  This music dances like its life depends on it.  The motion is a storm and the wind whipping around in all directions, and this music is the euphoria of standing dead center and feeling so alive in all that chaos.  This music will make you skeptical at the number indicated by the ensemble name Avi Granite 6.  This music is big, and has a presence that suggests twice its numbers.  But the winning quality of Orbit is found in the details, and how its facets shine like mad from the heart of this music.

This music is the hop and glide melody of “When the View Became the Way.”  This music is the solemn Sunday morning church of “Like a Magazine (for Paul Motian).”  This music is the locomotive cadence of “Hortez The Chihuahua.”  This music has a booming voice and a snappy vocabulary and steps up beaming a wide smile.

This music will make you happy.  Go buy it.

Your album personnel:  Avi Granite (guitar), Jim Lewis (trumpet), Peter Lutek (reeds), Tom Richards (trombone), Neal Davis (bass) and Ted Warren (drums).

Released on Pet Mantis Records.

Listen to more of the album at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Toronto, Ontario.

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon