Recommended: Jakob Sorensen – “Bagland”


Jakob Sorensen - "Bagland"The winning quality of Bagland is the way it delivers profound melodicism while maintaining a casual, laid-back tempo.  The debut album by Jakob Sørensen possesses an easy-going flow, which, when contrasted against the emotional punch it delivers, creates an appealing contrast.  Opening track “Vindeltrappen” is an immediate case in point.

The rhythms on “Pelsfrakker” grow a bit more insistent, adopting a bit of a martial flair, and guitarist Alex Jønsson scoots right along on his solo, but still the song retains a relaxed demeanor.  It’s a quality that suits the album well.  For instance, the ambling motion of “Op Ned Henover” is the perfect counterbalance to a melody that seeks to take flight.

Intriguingly, “Forandringens Fortvivlelse” often goes for the grand statements with a tiny sound.  Title-track “Bagland” runs a similar route, but goes about it languorously.  “Marehalmens Flugt” slips through several permutations of liveliness, but keeps tethered to an ambient sensibility.  “Something Pretty” is all about the melody, casting it about like sunlight on a Summer day.  Two clarinetists join the quintet on this tune, and the textures they add leave the ear wanting more and wishful that those guests had occupied permanent seats on the recording.

The album drifts serenely to the finish line with the atmospheric “Flyver Væk i Evig Sol,” ending an album that delights in the art of slow motion in a world of melody.

Your album personnel:  Jakob Sørensen (trumpet), Alex Jønsson (guitar), Mathias Jæger (piano), Frederik Sakham (double bass), Frej Lesner (drums) and guests:  Nellie Parsager Jensen (clarinet), Sofie Kirk Østergaard (clarinet).

Released on the Jaeger Community label.

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Jazz from the Aarhus, Denmark scene.

Album cover photography by Kirsten Klein.

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