Jared Gold – “JG3+3”


Jared Gold - "JG3+3"Organist Jared Gold‘s newest album, JG3+3 sees him adding a trumpet and two-sax attack to his normal organ-drums-guitar trio.  The resulting balancing act between the thick grooves and airy presence of the organ trio and the decisive vernacular and luxuriant heat of the wind instruments makes for a set of well-rounded tunes thick with sonic layers, yet still light to the touch.  There is an abiding warmth to this music that can’t be beat.

Gold contributes two originals to the session.  Album opener “Pendulum” has all kinds of presence, first introduced with a strong melody, then in the way the song moves with a determination niftily masked as a casual gait.  “Fantified,” on the other hand, speeds right along, feet moving fast, no time to lose.

Julian Adderley’s “Sermonette” has that effusively potent mix of celebration and the blues.  In addition to playing guitar on this session, Dave Stryker adds his composition “Spirits” to the mix, and its flailing groove contrasts nicely with its solos moving fast and low to the ground.

The most remarkable accomplishment of this solid recording is reflected, perhaps, in Gold’s ingenious adaptation of James Taylor’s “Shower the People,” providing some real vibrancy to the original’s insipid melody, and then using it as a launching point for some enjoyable jamming out.

Dave Mann’s “No Moon At All” has a punchy attitude, whereas the rendition of Michael Jackson’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” swings the original’s heartbreak away.  Ray Bryant’s “Cubano Chant” brings a thump and roar while retaining a spring in its step.  Wayne Shorter’s “Charcoal Blues” sees the recording out, and it exudes that same presence the album opened with.. but now with a satisfying sense of finality to the closing moments.

Just one of those recordings with a winning personality that never gets old.

Your album personnel:  Jared Gold (organ), Dave Stryker (guitar), Sylvia Cuenca (drums), Patrick Cornelius (alto sax), Jason Marshall (baritone sax), and Tatum Greenblatt (trumpet).

Released on Posi-Tone Records.

Jazz from NYC.

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