Jazz in Kentucky: Diego Palma radio interview of Will Fisher


Diego Palma runs a radio show on Crescent Hill Radio called The Sunday Sessions Radio Show.  It airs on Sunday nights at 6pm (EST).

I just noticed that he interviewed Louisville resident Will Fisher on his show back in January (2012), so I figured I’d give it a mention.  Palma takes the recordings of his interviews and streams them on a Soundcloud page, just in case listeners aren’t able to hear his show live.  I’ve embedded the Soundcloud player just below.  The interview talks about Fisher’s background, his album Portage (reviewed on Bird is the Worm), his time at U of L, and his plans for the future.  It’s a nice little interview.  It also plays some music from the album.

At the time, Fisher was in the home stretch of his grad degree in Jazz Composition from the University of Louisville.

Here’s a link to a Facebook page that Palma set up for the radio show.

You can stream the Crescent Hill Radio station from their site, HERE.

And here’s the post on Bird is the Worm regarding my review of Will Fisher‘s Portage.  It’s a strong album, especially considering it’s Fisher’s debut.  Always a promising sign when that happens.  You should give his album a listen.  Follow the link to the BitW post, and there’ll be all types of links, including a review, places to stream and purchase album, artist site, etc.

I’ll add more posts like this if Palma interviews any other Kentucky jazz artists.

I think that’s about it.



I don’t know how the rights for this kind of thing works, but if the radio station, Diego Palma, or anybody else has a problem with me posting the above or providing insufficient attribution, please let me know and I’ll rectify things to your(s) specifications.