Jazz in Kentucky: São Paulo Underground – Kentucky Center of Arts & Crafts (Louisville, KY)


This was dance hall music for the mosh pit crowd.

The was frenetic music with a thrilling groove… music with which to bounce off the walls of a tiny space.

This was celebratory music that wasn’t afraid to fight.

This was the São Paulo Underground.

Held at a nifty space at the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft in downtown Louisville, KY, the trio was set up on a low stage in a corner on the second floor of the museum, set amongst the hanging art and installations.  The lights of Main St. filtered into the room, but were drowned out by the video display of filmed scenes flickering behind the trio, mostly of busy city scenes or serene nature shots… which suited the music, an updated version of 1960s Tropicalia, blended with modern post-rock dynamic introversion, and boosted with a mad scientist mix of laptops, effects, looping, and electronica flourishes…

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Your concert personnel:  Rob Mazurek (cornet, electronics), Mauricio Takara (cavaquinho, drums, percussion, electronics), and Guilherme Granado (keyboards, loops, samplers, percussion).

NOTE:  The next Notes from the Holler post will be about the SPU’s upcoming show in Lexington, KY as part of the Boomslang Festival the weekend of the 21st.

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