JD Allen and Jacob Duncan at the Nach Bar


You Louisville people should be aware that the excellent tenor saxophonist JD Allen is joining Jacob Duncan at his regular Wednesday night gig this week at the Nach Bar.

And it’s not like you should need any additional motivation to catch a show there in the first place.  Located in the Germantown neighborhood of Louisville, it’s a great little local bar to just sit and have a drink.  Jacob Duncan’s regular Wednesday gig sweetens the pot by giving you a nifty soundtrack for shooting the breeze with friends or just staring into your whiskey and daydreaming the night away.  Also, sometimes cool food trucks pull up outside the bar, and so now you’ve got gourmet tacos added to the equation of why-you-should-go.

That said, JD Allen is one of the best saxophonists in the world, and his straight-ahead hard-charging style is something you’ll want to experience live.  This is gonna be down-to-earth jazz, and it’s going to enhance your Nach Bar visit no matter the reason you show up that evening.

Joining the dual saxophones of Allen and Duncan are keyboardist Kendall Carter and the great Mike Hyman on drums.

It all goes down this Wednesday, February 15th from 9:30 ’til whenever.

The Nach Bar is located at 969 Charles Street.

There is no charge.  It’s a free show.  Buy their CDs and tip the bartender.

Speaking of CDs:

Jacob Duncan has a new album out.  It’s called The Busker and you should check it out.

I’ve got a write-up for ya here.  Also, you can give it a listen, and purchase it, on Duncan’s Bandcamp page.

JD Allen’s latest album, Americana, is also available.  Stream some album tracks on Soundcloud.  It’s available at Amazon.