Recommended: Jean-Marie Machado Danzas – “Lagrima Latina”


Jean-Marie Machado - "Lagrima Latina"An album that I’m very taken with lately is Lagrima Latina, the new one from pianist & composer Jean-Marie Machado.  Seeking to highlight the musics of the Mediterranean as well as those that influenced him during his childhood, his compositions are situated firmly in folk music with jazz as just one element of the entire mix.  Three vocalists, Sardinian, Portuguese and French, each add their language to the proceedings, which is backed by the Danzas orchestra.

Machado offers up an abundance of liveliness with this recording, finding ways to develop a big sound by focusing on the tiny details.  The swift transitions between regional influences, and the flow of these changes from track to track leads to a series of thrilling moments.  Possessing a riveting lyricism, the music jumps with enthusiasm and purrs with the sweetest melodic passages.

It’s an album whose beauty develops from its rich personality.  Go scoop this one up.

Your album personnel:  Jean Jacques Machado (piano), Simonetta Soro, Claudia Solal, Sofia Ribeiro (voices), Antonio Placer (poetic libretto), Didier Ithurssary (accordion), Jean-Charles Richard (soprano & baritone saxes), Joce Mienniel (flute), François Thuillier (tuba), Cécile Grenier (viola), Claus Stötter (flugelhorn, trumpet) and Stracho Temelkovski (percussion, mandolin).

The album is Self-Produced.

Jazz from the Paris scene.

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